"CAURI" translates as a sea shell, something that is reffered to as the very first currency; they were used in the Stone Age and to this day are being found at archaeological sites around the world.

Today, we use this term to refer to a comprehensive payment solution for anyone working with e-commerce services. For many years CAURI has been successfully assisting the development of international market connections, by offering a comprehensive service package for acquiring, mass payments to individuals, as well as support for financial projects in the EU.

Our team consists of experts in the field of electronic payments with many years of experience in the international payments market:
  • Giovani Henrique
    Executive Director
    As the CEO of Cauri Payment System, Giovani is responsible for running the company global business strategy including emerging regions. Giovani has a proven executive management track record and over 24 years of experience driving international business in the technology industry.
  • Nikolay Ionkin
    Managing Director
    In banking and in the electronic payment market since 2006.
    Professional activity at CAURI: interacting with the clients and partners.
  • Alexander Stepanov
    In the field of electronic payments market since 2017. Professional activity at CAURI: company management and internal control procedures.
  • Tatiana Sarantseva
    Operations Director
    Specialising in payment systems since 2011. Professional activity at CAURI: controlling mutual settlements with suppliers and clients, as well as financial and management accounting.

  • We work with payments in more than 32 currencies from various countries around the world, and this figure continues to grow.
  • CAURI partners with a range of European and UK banks and collaborates with others payment services.
  • We provide considerable scope for mass payments to Individuals in the EU: transfers to bank cards, mobile commerce and other.

You'll be safe with us!


  • Transaction monitoring system that adapts to the specifics of your business processes.
  • Different antifraud filter settings, depending on the region and history of user behaviour.
  • Verification of user details by Whitelist/Blacklist databases.
  • Payer device information analysis: IP geolocation, transition history, website analysis according to Mastercard and Visa rules.
  • Automatic monitoring of transactions.
CAURI: Create Advantages Using Reliable Instruments!
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