We offer mass and single payments in multiple currencies to bank cards, electronic wallets and mobile phone accounts. We are partners with a number of European banks - it allows us to make payments in a short time on attractive terms .
  • 1
    Global coverage
    Entry to new markets through extensive payment options. Reception of payments, outpayments, netting off .
  • 2
    Maximum conversion rates
    Flexible smart routing settings for maximum payment conversion.
  • 3
    Strict international standards: verification and monitoring of transfers to bank cards. European and local payment systems.
  • 4
    Transparent analytics
    Full set of analytical, monitoring and reporting tools on payments in the Online account.
  • 5
    Affiliate network
    Wide choice among CAURI partners: independence in the choice of service provider allows to provide the necessary amount of payments.
  • 6
    Smart payment routing
    In case of a failed transaction, the system will try again to make a payment through another channel. This process passes unnoticed by the user.
You can use with us both bank cards and other payment channels. In any case, we will offer you comfortable working conditions.
  • Mass payments to bank cards
    • High single and monthly limits.
    • Guaranteed delivery of payments (Cascade technology) through various scenarios.
    • Support of payments for different types of business and market segments.
    • Flexible payment schemes.

  • Mass payments to alternative payment systems
    • Payment option for users located anywhere in the world.
    • Security and privacy.
    • The most popular payment methods in the target region.
    • High limits on payments.